Following in the Footsteps of the Gracchi in the Fight against the Oligarchic Regime

When Trump came down the golden escalator at Trump Tower, he sparked a war that had long lain dormant. That war is the fight between a republic’s dispossessed middle class and the oligarchs that profit off sucking their lifeblood.

In the modern day, it is MAGA and its allies waging war on the globalists that profited off shipping the jobs of the middle class to China while selling them opioids. In late 19th Century America, it was William Jennings Bryan railing against the bankers crucifying America’s farmers on a “cross of gold.” And in the late Roman Republic, it was the Gracchi brothers standing up to the optimates who stole the land out from under the feet of Rome’s yeoman legionnaires.

We aim to follow in their footsteps and call out the corruption and evil of those that prey on the average American. Whether it’s Jeffrey Epstein’s pals getting away with preying on kids and helping him out or Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden, and other regime apparatchiks personally profiting by selling out America to her enemies, that needs to be called out.

We will call it out. That is the reason this substack was started and the goal of all the articles we have yet written and will write in the future. But, to do so, we need your support. If you want to help us fight the regime and the evil that controls it, please consider a paid subscription.

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